Island Dental is a full service beauty and complete well being oriented quality care dental facility, featuring an in workplace dental lab. The State of Hawaii Board of Dental Examiners determines the training requirements and allowable procedures for dental assistants in Hawaii however does not require dental assistants to attain licensure. Addit… Read More

When you have a look at your loved ones, as well as your property, you know you want them to be protected, always out of harm’s way. After you leave for work, you anticipate to return to a smiling family, and to a house which is safe. But as they say, hope is not a strategy. The growing crime rates throughout urban centers show the bitter reality… Read More

In case you usually get stressed for your child's security in public venues, or just wish to keep track of his or her location, utilizing a wireless child leash is your answer. This excellent, fun-themed wireless child locator system is a terrific way to monitor your child in any public location, such as a mall, airport, theme park, or sporting are… Read More

Dog repellent is a harmless, humane solution to protect yourself from harmful dog attacks. Approximately 4.5 million Americans are bitten by canines each year, many of them kids. If you normally find yourself strolling through unfamiliar neighborhoods or dealing with unknown pets, carrying dog repellent might be recommended. Many breeds of dogs can… Read More

Ron Jones began his tv career in 1988 while working as an officer for the Oakland Police Department.  Together with Andreessen, RockMelt is backed by a few of the expertise industry's biggest innovators, including Bill Campbell, chairman of the board and former CEO of Intuit, and Apple board member; Ron Conway, legendary angel investor in Google, … Read More