Japanese designer Koicki Futatsumata of Case Real has completed the interior of a hair salon in Fukuoka City. Apart from the language barrier (can never quite remember the Japanese for ‘split ends') in a mostly ethnically Japanese society, it's no surprise that a lot of things about Japanese salons are designed for Japanese hair, from the menu of… Read More

Manahil International Company is constantly expanding its network to provide after-sales support across Saudi Arabia; the company recently opened a state-of-the-art showroom and service facility in Riyadh. Please note: The prerequisite is that the vehicle has been correctly driven and that the maintenance, inspection or services have been carried o… Read More

Forex offers an excellent opportunity to invest for people around the globe. Conferences can be sponsored by private groups, academic institutions, consortiums, blockchain projects, platforms, developers, and other organizations, including the popular Ethereal Summit put on by Consensys, and cryptocurrency and dApp platform TRON, with there niTROn … Read More

Stirling Capital Services Ltd has available special Private Placement Programs for active clients that qualify. There are indeed private financial offerings which have historically delivered very significant performance using "Institutional Leverage, Traders, Risk Management, Clearing & Execution" which can be documented and truly exists, but again… Read More

Set as open workshop, volunteers were welcomed to join the process, together with young people from social organizations of the neighbourhood and of the municipality. The ancient Mediolanum, as it has been called by the Romans since the third century B.C. (a name of Celtic origin meaning "in the middle of the plains"), rose up around 400 B.C. It wa… Read More