Yoga That Boosts Your Sex Drive?

It is commonly know that physical fitness can benefit your love life. Yoga: The roots of yoga date back centuries, when the practice was used to stimulate a sexual awakening (also known as tantra.). Focusing your mind and tuning into your senses in a yoga class can work wonders for your sex life - not to mention, improve flexibility for trying new positions with your partner.
This can lead to increased sexual endurance,” Yogi Cameron Alborizan told Men's Fitness , and will make you far more sensitive and responsive to your partner.” This coupled with yoga's mental health benefits could do wonders for improving not just your health, but the health of your relationships.

Light exercise after a hemorrhoidectomy or surgery to remove the swollen veins around the anus increases blood circulation, helps sex training you have a regular bowel movement, strengthens the veins and reduces pressure on your veins, the Connecticut Surgical Group says.

Anyone who says yoga can't be a full body workout hasn't done enough yoga, and even gentle yoga routines can contribute to weight loss According to the Journal of Alternative Medicine, overweight men who practiced yoga and breathing exercises daily lost an average of 4 pounds in only 10 days.
Hatha yoga focuses on stretching and maintaining specific postures (such as the famous ‘lotus' cross-legged sitting position) and to some extent developing muscles; prana yoga focuses on breathing; kundalini yoga emphasizes chakra energy centers in the body, bhakti emphasizes prayer and worship, raja yoga focuses more on philosophical inquiry, kriya yoga tends to consider sources of energy, and tantra yoga is often associated with sexuality.

Other trends also favored the yoga program.62 It is unfortunate that an educational control group was not chosen for this study, as this would have controlled for attention effects and allowed more specific benefits to be attributed to yoga exercises.
Partner yoga can clear this negative energy and help a couple reconnect and become comfortable with touch and intimacy.” During the six-week program, the Sexual Wellness program's experts will also hold both group and private counseling sessions to address the most common issues that contribute to a couple's sexual health and may create the need to improve sex life.
In the challenging physical postures such as downward dog, chatarunga, supta konasana and plow pose, engaging Mula Bandha actually helps lift the pelvic-floor muscles, which increases core strength, which then functions to support and protect the spine.

They radically improve arousal, blood flow to the pelvic region, strength of grip of the phallus during intercourse, bladder control, amount of orgasm and strength of orgasm, lasting longer, stronger erections, prostate health, thickness of pelvic floor muscles, health of internal organs and more.
A 2010 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine said that yoga improves all sexual functions in men, including desire, performance, erection, and ejaculation control. Asanas of Tantra Yoga bring in required physiological changes to propel more secretion of sexual hormones.

Yoga's sexual philosophy says that for getting sexual pleasure your mind and body should remain in a rejuvenated state and this rejuvenation could be only brought about by various yoga practices. Wait until your doctor clears you to resume leg weight-lifting exercises before resuming squats as part of your training program.
2. It eases pain for some women, especially sportswomen, hip and thigh tightness can make sex tough, but yoga can ease any pain by releasing that tension and relaxing your hips. Bring your legs up and over your head while rolling your hips off the mat. Deep abdominal breathing is a major part of yoga, and according to Men's Fitness , it activates the parasympathetic nervous system and lowers levels of cortisol, a hormone that forces your body to hold on to belly fat.

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