Black Walnut Wood

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Walnut has unbelievable beauty and characteristics that you cannot find in other hardwoods. When you’re looking through hardwood flooring options for your space, you have to consider both the color and character of the wood you will be installing. Walnut has some of walnut floorboards the best grain characteristics of any hardwood available and can really help your home to feel warmer and more elegant. Walnut is slightly darker than some hardwoods, but through stains and different finishes you can bring out both the grain and walnuts true beauty.

ECOfusion Flooring expects its floors to work faultlessly for decades after installation. So to achive that, from our floorboards, installation, moisture vapour barrier to adhesive to floor cleaners, it has to be the best. We also aim to provide the most ecologically friendly floors for your home. All our bamboo, european and exotic floorboards are purchased from Europe. ECOfusion Flooring are renowned for their beauty, quality and ability to withstand a lifetime of use. More and more people tend to purchase ECOfusion flooring solutions not only for their living areas but also for the whole home. Discover here some creative ways of establishing ECOfusion's functionality and elegance throughout your home.
Please send your request with your details and mailing address via the “Get Quote” button under the webpage. We will issue a related tax invoice that would credit under your name if you buy the ordered sample’s product. If you need an official quote please send your quote request and details via the website “Get Quote” button or “request quote” on the product page. Our best price will calculate and send to your email with an expiration date. But if this is your first time to buy from us we will give you the best price for sure. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before sanding off any residue from timber surface.
We are unique with water resistant laminate flooring and stock longest and widest boards on the market with latest breathtaking designs. DimensionsWalnut 25% Matte offers a wide range of colour variability from reasonably light tans to dark browns and will darken over time. Available in a square designer edge with a 25% matte finish to replicate a solid timber floor. As the leading brand of engineered timber flooring in Melbourne, we have completed many large scale projects throughout Australia and abroad.

B1901 is a retro style Engineered floor; the surface has a non-slip function, with a thick solid 6MM French oak veneer and a tested hardness of about 0.79. The biggest advantage of oak is its hardness, it does not crack and is a high quality floor. B1901 consists of multi-layer plywood, made in a criss-cross structure that greatly reduces the shrinkage of the floor. If it is laid on cement floor and flatness is not very good, it is recommended to use adhesives when installing; this will reduce the noise caused by uneven ground. If the installation is on wood flooring, then the nail fixing is the best method. Walnut wood has been used for a variety of building purposes for hundreds of years. It was so popular in fact that walnut wood has become very scarce in the eastern part of the US due to its extensive harvesting.
This series gives you a look of real wood with a reasonable price. For higher traffic choose higher AC number, this way you can safely enjoy your new floor for years to come without worry.

The texture of American Walnut timber is fine and the timber has a generally straight grain, sometimes displaying an attractive curly or wavy grain pattern. The heartwood of American Walnut can range in colour from golden to a rich chocolate brown with occasional streaks of a darker purplish brown colour. Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. Same in-stock item available for same-day delivery or collection, including GST and delivery charges. While the HanWood Design ranges are design-focused ranges featuring fashionable statement floors, they are also extremely practical.
Look through our large selection of rugs in different styles, sizes and shapes to find the perfect one for you and your room. For instance, a round glass coffee table gives a modern and clean impression. A smaller wooden coffee table can give your room a very traditional look, depending on which model you pick. At IKEA, we make sure to have a wide selection of materials, styles and sizes of living room tables, giving you many options to choose from. We offer a variety of solutions within the residential, commercial and retail sectors while we are also well known for our landscape services.

For over four decades, we have been supplying Australia's leading developers with flooring for their award winning projects. You can try to match your living room table with the rest of your furnishing. Or, you can choose a table that pops out with a bright colour or exciting design. And after choosing a living room table you can personalize your space even more with a matching rug.
Normal sweeping and cleaning is still necessary to clean off debris and dirt, and to keep your deck looking at its best. NewTechWood’s fully capped colour technology coats the boards with a high stain and fade resistant layer. This also makes the boards waterproof, so there is no need for any labour that would be necessary with regular timber. NewTechWood® is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of outdoor composite wood decking, wall cladding, fencing, screening, and garden furniture.
Our range of exotic timber will delight the most discerning clients. Ecofusion Flooring offers exquisite floorboards made from the finest woods in the world from America, South America, Africa and Asia. Products displayed are available locally for "QUICK SHIP" from our Australian warehouses. Contact Customer Services for availability of products tagged as "Special Order" . This is the second most popular exotic wood choice, and is only slightly softer than Brazilian Cherry with a Janka Hardness Rating of 2200. Although Mahogany also comes in a variety of colors, its tones are slightly more neutral compared to the features of Brazilian Cherry.

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