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Looking for the best women's Osprey backpack? I'm looking to buy a women's pack, preferably one of the following American brands: Gregory or Osprey, in Kuala Lumpur I know there is a branch of stores called Tear Proof that carry hiking and camping gear, but I have no idea what brands they carry.
However, if your backpack is full, then because of the way these pockets are made it's very hard to put the bottles in. Having these Evergreen Osprey on the side of the backpack would make things easier. Luckily, Gregory have created hiking packs that have a gender specific fit.

The hiking backpack with its three-sided back ventilation system is ideal for everyone who values the highest level of comfort. A research lead me to the Osprey Farpoint 40. The back panel is made out of mesh for ventilation which adds to the comfort and fit.
This backpack has a front compartment and a pocket on the front panel, in addition to the main and laptop compartments. The idea to design a backpack that fits well with the wearer started when Mike had a horrible experience during a hiking trip with his brothers, wearing a backpack with an awful fit when he was a child.
This size of pack is perfect for multi-day trips and feels lightweight with its Dyno Lift System” technology. Purchase durable camping gear; strong tents, sleeping bags, and a hiking backpack from brands like Swissgear and The Northface. The back panel of the backpack is both ventilated and padded, for your ultimate comfort.

One, larger backpack for carrying the majority of your clothes, toiletries and belongings, plus, another smaller travel day pack which you will carry around with you during the day while you are sightseeing. My Osprey farpoint 55 started to fall appart 15 days after buying it. I got it sent to Osprey.
This is built on Ospreys light wire suspension system which transfers weight from the harness to hip belt so you're more comfortable. Designed for the traditional backpacker or those on a hiking adventure you can't really go wrong with the Aura. Well, I'm British, so I bought both of my Osprey backpacks in the UK, as well.

We've noticed that travellers with backpacks generally get better treatment than wheely bag owners. If you are looking for a good, sturdy backpack for hiking and similar outdoor activities, Gregory Zulu or Osprey Hikelite are probably your best choices. Most backpacks on the market are constructed with Ripstop Nylon or Polyester.
The Osprey Quasar backpack is one of my all time favorites. And there are compression straps on this backpack that will further help with securing its load. Although most hiking packs these days are adjustable, not all are ideal for a woman's body. The Airel was an old classic when it came to hiking backpacks.

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